Zombie Apocalypse Printer

survival printerOver the past week I have been thinking about all the 3D printers that are becoming available to us. There are so many specialized printers that if we collect them all we could print whatever it is we might need. The vast amount of printers would need to be stored somewhere so a whole room in your shelter might need to be designated as a printing studio. I guess that would be your stock room. Rather than have endless walls of supplies that could be difficult to locate exactly what your looking for you could print it with the push of a button. However it got me thinking wouldn’t it be a lot easier if there was a printer that could print all of these things that way we would only need one printer. Granted it would be an expensive investment but I believe that buying separate printers to do specialized tasks would work out to be more expensive. It would be a dream come true if we could have our very own Zombie Apocalypse Survival Printer…hmmmm maybe I should look into this.


Keeping Yourself Healthy

shoeProbably one of the biggest concerns for survival is hygiene. One item you will definitely need is a toothbrush. Oral hygiene is considered detrimental to your overall health. Researchers have linked heart and kidney problems to the mouth. It is also thought that many ancient deaths were caused by cavities. With this in mind I would highly recommend that you have a toothbrush design saved to your hard drive and have many backups so you are able to replace them when needed. Also important to your health is a fresh set of clothes. If you thought you could survive a zombie apocalypse with just the clothes on your back I would tell you that you are wrong. If you were to stay in the same clothes for an extended period of time you could develop bacterial and fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot and Urinary Tract Infection. Luckily, with 3D printing you are able to print your own clothing. There are two printers that I would recommend.

jessica_dress3Firstly is the OpenKnit, while it may not be the same as 3D printers already on the market it works in the same way. The process starts with the CAD designs however is translated in a different way. Rather than “print” the garment it knits it with yarn. The printer is known to produce a sweater in as little as an hour. The other clothes printer is currently collecting funds to launch a printer known as Electroloom by the year’s end. It works much like an ordinary 3D printer using the additive process. The developers a currently working on printing finer layers in order to provide more comfort than other printed garments available on the market. The printer will print in synthetic fiber and organic/synthetic blends. If this printer is as fantastic as they predict it to be then it is definitely something to be considered for the survival kit.


Find a Safe Way to Travel

IMG_3829Many of you might be concerned with a mode of transport during a Zombie pandemic. Unless you plan on locking yourself inside and hoping for the best, you will need a safe mode of transport. Certainly you could buy a safe car as part of your preparations or steal an abandoned one when it suits you but it might be wiser to invest in a 3D printed car. Kor Ecologic, an engineering company responsible for designing the first 3D printed car, have developed a second prototype known as Urbee 2. They claim that the car made of polymer plastics is as strong as a Prius only a lot more fuel-efficient. The difference between an ordinary car and a 3D printed one is the reduced number of parts. Where parts of a car were joined by screws and bolts they become one part which overall reduces the weight of the car. The reduced weight enables the car to cover more mileage with less fuel. While only a small difference it will become a huge benefit during the Zombie Apocalypse. Saving fuel could be the difference between surviving and becoming a zombie.

Survival tip #5: Aim for the head

zombie killIn the event that you find yourself surrounded by zombies you will need to attack. The only way to kill a zombie is by destroying its brains therefore when you attack you must aim for the head. A shot through the skull works from a distance and at close distance you can use any weapon that will puncture the skull

What to do if you get bitten?

E2013.413.1If you happen to get bitten there are not many options available to you. If you are lucky enough that the bite occurs on a limb you can choose to amputate the infected area. However a decision needs to be made before the infection spreads to the torso. If you get bitten on your torso or infection spreads you are only left with one decision…how you will die by your hand or a friends? Of course there is one other option but it is still not a pretty option. If you can’t bring yourself to amputate an infected area or kill yourself you could always let yourself become one of the walking dead.

Survival Tip #4: How to Make a Splint

arm splintTo make an improvised splint you will need two sticks to place on either side of the damaged limb. To hold it in place you will need something to tie it up such as a shredded shirt. You should have multiple ties up the limb for maximum support. It may also be a good idea to wrap the limb in fabric for comfort. Of course if you have a 3D printer at hand you can print a cast straight away and have the doctor on your team set the bone.

Printable Medic

During a Zombie Apocalypse you can expect that an incident may occur or you may be struck with illness. A doctor on your team will be useful in these situations as they can make a diagnosis and suggest a recommended treatment. The concern is medical supplies. You might want to consider stocking up on commonly used medicines such as penicillin, paracetamol, antibiotics as well asbandages and plasters. However there is still a risk that you may run out of these supplies or the ailment may need something less common. This is where a 3D printer comes in handy. Teams are integrating this technology into the medical industry in many different fields. Fully customizable casts and prosthetics can be printed easily and can be designed to fit your body perfectly. What is most impressive is the new field of bioprinting. This field involves the printing of human organs from the skin to the heart. This means should you cut yourself you could spray 3D prints of your own skin cells on the wound for a quick heal. In a more serious case such as a failing kidney a 3D printer could print you a new one and your doctor can perform the surgery. Medical teams are also working on printing medicines so don’t be expecting to lose the survival battle due to lack of medical supplies or procedures.



Survival Tip #3: Learn Parkour

ParkourJonathanLucas1Parkour is not absolutely essential to surviving but could be useful. No what you really should do is choose a weapon you feel comfortable with. Most importantly choose a weapon that makes minimal noise. A gun will only attract the zombies’ attention. A bow and arrow, knife or baseball bat would be the best choices as they make no sound and are still easily carried around.

Printable Weapons

printed swordIf you intend on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse you will definitely need to invest in some weapons. Just about everyone has seen the 3D printed gun story in the news. While the accessibility of guns might be a safety concern it is definitely a huge benefit to the zombie survivalists. Since 3D printers have been able to print in metal, printing functional weapons has become a reality. A gun designed in the US was able to accurately shoot 50 rounds without breaking. Using 3D design technology enables people to create enhanced weaponry that would otherwise been impossible. Fully customized designs lets users design a weapon that is perfectly molded to their needs. The main benefit of the capability to print weapons is that in the event that you should lose a weapon or damage one you could print a brand new one. Also if you were to run out of bullets or arrows you could print new ones when you need them. You can’t deny it would be extremely handy to have a weapons printer in your collection.

printed pistol

Designer Apocalypse Shelters

Manor in the Trees

Manor in the Trees 

The good thing about this home is that it is off the ground and hypothetically zombies can’t climb. The design of the home suits someone with a more traditional taste such as French Provincial or Southern Charm.






tree podTree Pod

Also built in trees this home would be perfect for a Zombie Apocalypse however this would suit someone with a Post Modern/ Contemporary taste. Its unique shape could be achieved easily with a 3D printer.




suspended hideawaySuspended Hideaway

This home still off the ground is suspended over a water body but could be constructed where ever you wish. This particular design would only suit a small group but surely a larger one could be created.






Luxury Oasis

Another treetop home but with the feel of a beachfront property. This home in the middle of a forrest is decked out with beach chairs and tropical flowers. A perfect way to escape the stress of an apocalypse. eterra-samara-tree-house-villa_image-2


Floating-HouseFloating Sanctuary

This home positioned in the middle of the ocean is a complete luxury. Since zombies can’t swim this is the perfect shelter and in fact would feel like you were on a holiday rather than in an apocalypse.



Invisibility cloakInvisibility Cloak

Another treetop home with the ultimate camouflage. This mirrored home could almost go unnoticed unless it were to have light beams reflecting from its surface.



Happy Prepping.